Kotohira Maritime Museum (海の科学館)


Museum Reception

We have prepared various installations and services at the museum in order for a wide age range of visitors to use the facility with ease.

・Public WiFi service “KAGAWA-WiFi” (on the first floor only)
・A communication tool (interpretation) for tourists from overseas: “Kagawa Multilingual Call Center” (at the reception)
・Stroller / wheelchair rentals (at the reception)
・Diaper-changing sheets (1st floor women’s bathroom & 2nd floor multipurpose bathroom) etc.
※Please check the “Facility Information leaflet

Museum Shop

The museum shop next to the reception offers goods made out of out-of-print marine charts, as well as key holders, model sail ships, ships in bottles, and other various nautical goods.
Please come visit! You may be able to find something to your liking.

Indoor Exhibits

The museum displays its permanent collection of various themes on each floor. Please feel how interesting and wondrous the sea is through learning about vessels, tools, knowledge, and technology born from the relationship between the ocean and humankind.

・Theater (fifth floor)
・Sea Chest / Gozabune Officer’s Ship of the Takamatsu Clan, named “Hiryu Maru”
・Life-saving Equipment (third floor)
・Edo Period Pier (first floor) …and more
※Please see the “Guide to Exhibits

Hands-on Installations

There are exhibits at the museum you can touch and experience.
How about becoming the captain by taking a real wheel, studying about how a propeller works, and having fun learning by seeing and touching?

・Viewpoint (Wheelhouse) (roof)
・Radio Control Ship Corner (roof)
・Ship Handling Simulator (fourth floor)
・Controllable Pitch Propeller (third floor) …and more
※Some hands-on installations require an additional fee.

Outside Exhibits

Various large objects are on display in the vicinity of the museum.
Please have a look.

・Hot-bulb engine
・4 cycle single acting Diesel engine
・Controllable pitch propeller installation
・J.C.G. Arakaze ※Interior is not able to be accessed.  …and more.

How to Enjoy the Museum

There are various ways to enjoy the museum.

・Kiddie ride / Stamp corner / Photo op corner (entrance / 1st floor)
※Kiddie ride is for a fee.

・Scenic Observatory (roof)
From the observation deck, you can see the scenery of Kotohira Town and Sanuki Plain.
※Please use the stairs on the fifth floor to access the roof.